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How To Do Your CRM Project And
Escape The 70% Failure Rate…$197

CRM Survival GuideFact. Doing a successful CRM project isn’t rocket science, but still 70% of all CRM projects come in way over budget, way over time or outright fail.

You need to do certain things in a certain way.

The CRM Survival Guide gives you my hindsight experience–from someone who’s gone the distance with CRM projects and has the hands-on experience to tell you what you need to know.

With the CRM Survival Guide , you get my nothing-held-back play book on what works and (perhaps more importantly) what doesn’t.

70% Of CRM Projects Fail Because
The Manager Didn’t Know Any Better…

Forgive me for being blunt, but this is important…How many CRM projects have you done? Probably none.

Many jokes have been made about Managers trying to manage technical projects—much of it quite deserved! Managers who aren’t used to doing a technical CRM project usually compensate for their lack of know-how in one of three ways:

  • Relying on the person who sold you the software to manage your project—sure to lead to a bill for services much higher than need be.
  • Relying on your in-house techie to manage the project—misses the important “business horsepower” that this kind of project demands.
  • Relying on yourself to do your best and generally make it up as you go along—a risky game at best.

This is where the CRM Survival Guide comes in…

You’ve heard the expression: “The Devil’s in the details”? Well, there’s a lot of details in a CRM project. Here’s another expression: “You don’t know what you don’t know”. Now…

I don’t have to worry about being fired anymore…

In the CRM Survival Guide, I’ve opened up my private playbook from my days of selling and implementing CRM and reveal all of the secrets used to convince you that the system we were selling was exactly what you needed. These are the same tricks and methods used by CRM consultants all over.

star In the CRM Survival Guide, I lay out a complete game plan for delivering a successful CRM project. If you were to interview me for a solid non-stop week and sucked out every bit of knowledge I have about doing a CRM project–and then spent another couple of weeks organizing that information, you’d have what’s in the CRM Surival Guide.

The Straight Goods From Someone With Experience

Over the past 10 years, I have owned my own CRM consulting company with 7 employees and been employed as a Senior CRM Consultant. During that time, I’ve had a major hand in dozens of CRM projects (sales & implementation)–many were successful and a few were disasters!

During my years on the selling side of CRM I always felt muzzled; I couldn’t be as open and truthful as I would have liked for fear of risking my family’s pay check!

But that’s all changed now…I’ve gone independent!


I no longer sell or represent any software. That means I can be totally candid with you because I don’t have to worry about “losing the deal”. The working title of the book before I called it “CRM Survival Guide” was “Confessions of a CRM Consultant” and I am very excited to get this information into the hands of Managers everywhere.

“So, What Exactly Do I Get With The CRM Survival Guide?”

The CRM Survival Guide is a collection of information and templates designed to give you the winning game plan for delivering a successful CRM project.

At the heart of the package is the CRM Survival Guide—a meaty 220 page brain dump that has been organized into a step-by-step guide covering everything you need to know to run a CRM project like a Pro. You would have to pay a consultant several thousands of dollars to get just a portion of what’s covered in this guide—it even answers questions you wouldn’t even know to ask!

We’ve made the book, Special Reports and templates available in downloadable format so you can get it immediately upon ordering…no waiting (or paying!) for shipping and handling.

Save Thousands On Software & Consulting Fees…

This is The Ultimate CRM Guide , covering every aspect of planning & implementing
a CRM or Sales Force Automation project. At the heart of the CRM Surival Guide is a 220 page book of densely written :

  • Select the CRM software solution that’s right for your particular business.
  • Understand what the different technology choices are and know which ones are most appropriate for you.
  • Get the best deal on your software (this alone could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars!).
  • Put together a realistic budget that won’t catch you by surprise, including a master budget worksheet in MS Excel ready for you to start with.
  • Develop business requirements that will dramatically increase the likelihood of getting the project you envision and deliver the results and functionality your employees will eagerly embrace.
  • Learn the Insider’s Buying Process that gets you the truth about how well suited (or not!) each CRM system is for you…and how to get the best price on software.
  • How to scare off the “bad” CRM consultants and pick the one that passes the “4 key questions test” with flying colors.
  • Pick a CRM Partner that can deliver on the promise of CRM without costing you any more than necessary.
  • Negotiate a contract that protects your best interests, including 9 specific clauses that you should have.
  • Deal with resistance from users before you have an all out revolt on your hands.
  • Run your project to keep it On-Budget, On-Scope and On-Time. How to guard against a CRM Consultant’s favourite “cash cow”: Scope creep!

Plus Get These Bonuses Worth $165

Bonus #1
“All The Forms, Templates and Worksheets You Need To Plan & Manage Your Project”

To really take the work out of getting ready to plan & implement a CRM system, you get a complete set of 12 forms and worksheets in MS Word and Excel format that you’re going to need for crystal ball control over your project. Developing the forms and worksheets that go hand-in-hand with the project control processes is probably one of those things you haven’t even considered yet! This alone is worth days of your time to put together.

With each form and worksheet, you get detailed instructions on how, why, and when to use them. And because, we give you the actual MS Word and Excel files, you can edit them just the way you want them to be. Value: $97

Bonus #2
“How To Render Harmless The 5 Sales Tricks & Traps Used By CRM Consultants To Get You To Buy”

This is about as “inside” as it gets as I reveal the tricks and traps commonly used to convince you that “their” software is the best. Some of these tricks are really sneaky! This Special Report will prepare you in case you run into these sales tactics. Value: $17

Bonus 3
“How To Stop Your Sales Team From Launching A Project Killing Revolt!”

Nothing can sink your sales force automation project faster than having your top salespeople refusing to use it. It puts you in a very tough position: “there’s not room in this town for the two of us”. Your Salespeople are an extremely valuable assets and its critical that you get this part right! This Special Report comes from my first-hand observations of the hard earned “what’s worked” and “what hasn’t” from companies that have already struggled with this very real issue. Value: $17

Bonus #4
“21 CRM Software Tests That Uncover The Truth Behind The Marketing Hype”

Being the guy who’s had to make CRM live up to its hype (or at least try!) I’ve been personally bitten by over promised functionality and “back of the box” marketing hype. Learn how to defeat the “software demo voodoo” that goes on during sales presentations and get to the truth about how well the software does and doesn’t function. Value: $17

Bonus #5
“The 9 Things Every CRM Consultant Wishes You Knew But Are Too Afraid To Tell You”

Ever wish you could be a fly on the wall and listen in on what your CRM Partner is saying about you and your project behind closed doors? Now you can! This exclusive report summarizes the comments, complaints and frustrations CRM Consultants most often have about YOU . This Special Report will improve your relationship with your CRM Partner. Value: $17

Let’s Recap…

Here’s everything included with the CRM Survival Guide:

  • CRM Survival Guide with 220+ pages of meaty insider information covering all aspects of running your CRM project, including a unique project management methodology made specially for small businesses. .
  • 12 Quick Start templates in Word & Excel format that you can use “as is” or modify as you see fit. Templates cover everything from master budget to tracking software issues to compiling business requirements.
  • 4 Bonus Reports listed above to help you deal with situations requiring extra insight and “horsepower”.
  • Quick Start Guide – Speeds you through all of the information and helps you focus in on the areas critical to your project.
THINK ABOUT IT: For less than the price of 2 hours of consulting time, you’re getting hundreds of hours worth of executive briefing based on dozens of projects. And it’s 100% money-back guaranteed! The only way to lose here is to not try it for yourself.

Get a step-by-step guide that:

  • Does what you need it to do (hint: don’t count on “back-of-the-box marketing literature for an accurate list of a software’s capabilities)
  • Doesn’t cost any more than it needs to in sofware and consulting fees(no one likes spending our hard earned money on software). This can easily save $1,000’s!
  • Your team will actually use (instead of being abandoned or used half-heartedly which is just as bad as abandoned)
  • Enables you to take business to the next level (and doesn’t become another expensive distraction to focusing on your core business)
  • Doesn’t suck up your time and keep you from all of your other important duties.

“This is a no-brainer!”

And just to make your decision absolutely obvious…

90 Day, No-Hassle, Money-Back Guarantee!

Money Back GuaranteeCheck out the CRM Survival Guide for yourself and see why I am so confident that it will pay for itself many times over and give you the clarity, confidence and guidance you need to run a successful CRM project.If the CRM Survival Guide package is not everything I say it is, I will promptly and cheerfully refund you 100% of the purchase price anytime in the next 90 days.
You win no matter what because I shoulder all of the risk.

insider's crm success toolkit

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insider's crm success toolkit

P.S. – Without the CRM Survival Guide , you’ll spend more money and headaches than you should. This is a detailed, step-by-step winning game plan for running a successful CRM project…written for Managers.

P.P.S. – The only way to lose is to not prove for yourself the dramatic impact that this information will have on you and your project or your money back, guaranteed! I am taking all the risk!

P.P.P.S. – Please take note, this is the lowest price this product will ever be offered at anywhere. You must make a decision now, while this offer is still on the table.

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