Small Business Customer Relationship Management

Straight-Talk From An Impartial CRM Expert You Can Trust

The CRM Coach is here to give companies like yours the benefit of knowing the hard earned lessons of the many companies and consultants that have gone before you.

Companies implement Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to better manage their sales, marketing and customer service functions. However, these kinds of projects suffer from an alarming 70% failure rate.

This means that many companies have wasted a tremendous amount of money and time on something that should have been a positive, profitable venture. By helping companies succeed with CRM, we’re here to help both the Buyers and Sellers of CRM.

The CRM Coach now works to give companies wanting to implement CRM access to an independent “insider”. Because Scott doesn’t sell, endorse or implement any specific CRM system, you can trust that his words are pure from any hidden agenda. The only agenda of The CRM Coach is to help you to successfully implement CRM. Companies working with Scott can now tap into his years of experience when setting realistic goals and budgets…when selecting appropriate technology and technology partners.

We’re On A Mission To Make The Success Of
CRM Projects Certain

The CRM Coach offers low-cost, high-impact products and services designed to make the success and payoff of CRM projects certain.

The cornerstone offering is the “CRM Survival Guide“, representing the world’s most complete and only guaranteed CRM Success Toolkit created specially for small businesses. This toolkit represents thousands of dollars of practical consulting know-how, packaged into a low-cost system that shows small businesses, step-by-step, how to achieve maximum benefit from their CRM project.

Meet Scott Gingrich, The CRM Coach

The Founder of The CRM Coach is Scott Gingrich. Scott is known for his “Get Real” approach to helping companies leverage technology in their businesses. He’s been featured in many national publications and on talk radio.

Scott’s hard-to-find mix of business savvy, technology competence and understanding of people is a powerful combination for helping companies succeed with CRM:

  • Graduated Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours Business degree,
  • Certified in a number of CRM software packages and very familiar with several others.
  • Taken a number of advanced courses in Psychology.
  • Run a CRM consulting practice with several employees.
  • Flown around North America, working with companies to implement technology.
  • Has been certified on CRM software, including: GoldMine, HEAT and Sage ACCPAC CRM.

“I’ve run successful projects and I’ve had projects totally tank. I know what works and (more importantly) I know what doesn’t work.”

Scott has always believed that the change process for companies is far more than simply “installing software” (a big reason for the high failure rate of CRM projects). Scott’s comprehensive approach includes working with people (and their internal power relationships), processes and technology.

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